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Can AI Combat Fake News

The phenomena of “fake news” may have captured the imagination of Americans during the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the later investigation of Russia’s attempts to swing the election to Donald Trump using fake news on Facebook among other schemes. The truth is that fake or phoney news has been around as a tool for a …


ERP Customisation Rules You Need to Follow

Making an ERP solution well capable of addressing the solitary needs of organisations is not that plain sailing. Yes, there are both upsides and downsides of customisation and an ill-fitting system can make business operations more complex instead of simplifying them. So, its foremost wish before embarking on the journey of ERP implementation because that …


4 Plugins That an FMCG Website Must Have

A plugin is essentially a tool or feature that can help enhance the functionality of the site, thus offering a better user experience, and in turn, increasing the popularity of the site. While there are numerous website plugins that can be incorporated, we’ve enlisted 4 plugins that are a must-have for a Fast Moving Consumer …