A slow computer is one of the most frustrating things in our modern day life.

Typically we purchase a new personal computer (PC) every few years and love how fast it starts, loads websites and runs the programs. Eventually we notice it slows down until we are practically yanking our hair out waiting for it to complete routine computer tasks.

Why does this happen you may ask? As it turns out the answer is relatively easy and you don’t have to be especially technical to see the causes and understand the solutions.

The good news to reveal is it’s not the hardware in the computer that causes the problem. Usually the hardware in your machine is in fine condition and just needs a little care to restore it to its former faster working self.

The main problem lies within an accumulation of invisible changes that happen to the software in the PC. The following are the two most common causes that create the slow down:

1. The most common problem: Registry errors in The PC:

Every time you (or the kids) download a program, play a game, or open a file, the software registry of your PC gets updated by new instructions necessary to operate that program. But, after that item is later removed, those instructions can invisibly remain inside your PC. If you run your computer, your machine attempts to execute these instructions again and again, but, because the older program can’t now be found, it will now cause a registry error. Thus, your PC is doing a bunch of invisible working on old, partially deleted programs, way more work than it should be, which ties up your system needlessly which results in a much slower computer.

One of the fastest ways to fix this problem is with a cool little tool from a company based in California via their website: xxxxxxxxxx (see below). They named it ARO 2013 and it first scans, then identifies, and finally fixes registry errors on your machine-cleaning up file fragments and returning your computer to almost as fast as when you bought it. The software is quite easy to install and recently won an award by CNET’s editorial staff for the 4.5 star rating (4 out of 5) and has now been downloaded over 30 million times.

You can obtain a working version of the software for free, which can scan your PC and find the various registry errors that bog it down and keep it running slow. The free version will scan for any junk pieces of leftover files and further checks the baseline security status of your PC. Their software is set up to only eliminate the first 50 errors with the free version. If it finds more errors than that which you want to clean up or if you want to set up the program to run itself on a regular basis you can then upgrade to the more complete version for only $29.95. Following that, there will be few, if any partial files left on your computer and you will notice how much faster your laptop works.

2. Spyware and viruses problem:

Viruses and Spyware are software programs that are secretly downloaded onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. Their nefarious various purposes include:

  • Switching a different default search engine in your browser
  • To track your surfing habits on the Web, then showing you targeted advertising
  • Illegally using your email program to blast out spam to email addresses
  • Stealing your personal identity information

Most viruses and spyware got into a computers via files we downloaded from the Internet or as an attachment to an email message. These malicious programs use up a lot of power in the computer and thereby slow your computer down that is very noticeable.

There is a basic rule of thumb that needs to be followed which is to never download any software programs that are free from companies you do not personally know or trust, particularly emoticons, screensavers and similar items. Further, when in your email account, you should never open the attachment to an email until you are 100 percent certain you know or trust the sender of the email message. Everyone should have an excellent anti-virus/spyware removal tool running all the time. Some of these programs are free and others for a small payment.

Your PC should work faster and safer by following the above advice.

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